7th Tangofestival Innsbruck

This is the first information about the 7th Tangofestival Innsbruck.

We will develop a new workshop concept, which, we are convinced, will improve the quality of dancing of every participant.

The teachers will be Moira Castellano, Corina Herrera and Fernando Galera, who will give their lessons in different combinations and present their shows on two evenings. More details coming soon.

As it should be for the 7th Festival: We will have 7 Milongas.

For the first time we will welcoming the Tango Spleen Orquesta, an argentine-italian Sexteto that is invited to the biggest Tangofestivals in Europe this year.

We will present excelent DJs: Deborah Segantini, Naoko, Rosemarie De Mario, Sonja Armisén, Soozie, Ariel Salto, Theo "El Greco", Don Xello and Sebastian Valencak.

We hope to be able to anounce very soon a fantastic concert. We are clearing the last details.

Important for you at this time: Save the date!

More information coming soon.